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    “Kevin Downey is unbelievable!” – Dan Jourdan, The Sales Energizer

  • Introduction

    Insightful, straight-shooting, sales executive. Diverse background in b2b sales, marketing, recruiting, and training nationwide. Expert at complete and custom sales program design. Seeking full-time or contract role in sales leadership or management. Will relocate for the right opportunity.

    What sort of job are you looking for?

    Sales executive and/or management opportunity. I’m open to considering a variety of compensation plans. For me, the right fit is most important.

    Can you build and manage a nationwide sales team?

    Absolutely. I have experience in recruiting and training sales & telemarketing teams from the ground up. If your team is already established, I can come in and elevate performance as I did for my client, Apple Spice. My range spans nationwide across a variety of industries, from food to sports to digital design.

    Are you willing to relocate?

    My family and I reside in Overland Park, KS where I also operate out of an independent office space. I am completely set up to work remotely and travel as needed. However, relocation is always possible for the right opportunity. Let’s talk about what you have in mind!

  • Expertise

    Sales – While each sales person will impart their own unique personality and style, there are some basic techniques that benefit virtually every professional. I have a robust and well-rounded wealth of knowledge in sales fundamentals combined with a personable and direct approach. My strategy is a simple “yes/no” model that I’ve seen work for my clients time and time again. Customer needs and priorities are always at the forefront of my interactions, which is a philosophy my sales teams also embodies. Over time, this winning attitude is internalized deeply so that it is second nature… and that’s when the success truly happens!


    Telemarketing (Lead Generation & Appointment Setting) – From a powerful opening to closing the deal, each interaction is a chance for a sale. I use language that highlights the value of the service/product sold. Mingled with positivity and good rapport, the distance between “hello” and “yes” is a mere conversation away. Finally, a strong close reinforces the pros of the product and most importantly leaves the customer wanting more. I make the MOST of every call and I teach my sales teams to do the same.


    Script Writing – A simple, easy-to-follow cold calling script is key for lead generation. I write these with adaptability and long term sales success in mind. The language here works for reps because it entices, intrigues, and moves the call forward. With repetition, their competency and confidence grows resulting in sustained productivity.


    Recruiting – Attracting the right talent is my focus with recruitment. Sure, the best and the brightest are out there. That’s obvious. But out of them: WHO IS THE BEST FIT? That’s the question I answer in the form of stand-out sales professionals. I pluck out superstars with the drive and motivation to learn, train, and achieve great success.


    Training – Whether it’s sales basics or a specific branch of a company, I oversee and facilitate rep training on products, services, and best practices. My specialties are cold calling (lead generation), using CRMs, lead forms & proposal systems, transitioning into sales calls, closing techniques, and much more.


    Management – Establishing daily sales reporting is how I effectively manage rep performance and generate accurate forecasts. Implementing reward and incentive programs create a fun, fast-paced and dynamic sales environment. All this culminates in a culture where reps care about the company and each other.

    Additional Knowledge Base & Resources

    • Business & Consumer Databases: ListGIANT, Salesgenie, DatabaseUSA
    • CRMs: Salesforce, Hubspot, BPMonline, Freshsales, amoCRM, Insightly, Odoo, OroCRM, Bitrix24 (hosted), Monday, Ontraport, AgileCRM, BOAST, nocrm, Leadmaster, Close
    • “Alternative” CRM Products: Google Sheets, Airtable, Smartsheet, Notion, Trello
    • Job Boards: Indeed, ZipRecruiter
    • Cloud-Based Dialers: Predictive, Preview & “Click-to-Call” Dialing Systems, including Phoneburner, MyPhoner, Dial800
    • VOIP: Google Voice, Skype
    • Marketing & Advertising: Google Adwords, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Website Design
  • Career Overview


    • Born and Raised in Orland Park, IL
    • Completed Master’s Degree from Lewis University in Romeoville, IL
    • Named Youngest Sales Executive on “National Leadership Board” at Slazenger Golf USA
    • Grew Slazenger Golf Territory (Indiana) Sales from Under $400K to $1.5MM
    • Skyrocketed Callaway Golf Company Territory (Kansas & Western Missouri) Sales to $1.8MM
    • Served as Project Manager During Development of $3MM Executive Suites Facility
    • Developed, Owned & Operated Executive Suites with Revenues of $650K Annually
    • Built & Managed Nationwide Inside Sales Team from the Ground-Up
    • Devised & Implemented Comprehensive Turnkey Sales Programs Across Variety of Industries


    • Special Recognition Award, Sales Division, Slazenger Golf USA (1998)
    • Youngest Sales Professional Ever Positioned on National Sales Leadership Board at Major Golf Manufacturer
    • Increased Personal Pre-Book Sales by 53% Over Two Years From $750,000 to $1,150,000


    I was hired at age 27 as the youngest sales representative at the National Golf Manufacturer. This was notable in and of itself, but the unsolicited words of a well-respected golf pro are what stick with me. He advised the person who would later become my manager that “someone should hire me before you-know-who nabs that kid.” A few awards and over a million dollars in sales later, you-know-who never knew what hit ‘em and the rest is history.

  • Work History




    • Constructed full sales model for Apple Spice franchisees resulting in quantum leaps for their corporate catering orders.
    • Recruited elite team of sales professionals and provided comprehensive, strategic training.
    • Composed focused, persuasive call scripts designed to inspire confidence and produce consistent results.
    • Formulated easy-to-use tracking tool for reps & management to view incoming customer and lead information one-by-one in real time.
    • Devised comprehensive turnkey program encompassing all aspects of the sales experience.
    • Program, model, and all tools designed currently utilized in other franchises and restaurants nationwide.




    • Executed strategic recruitment plans aligning with company’s goals by utilizing a strong working knowledge of business analysis techniques.
    • Managed job advertising and optimization for client job postings while providing advice and coaching on all aspects of recruitment and talent management.
    • Sourced resumes to select qualified candidates. Conducted interviews to assess credentials, aptitude for learning, personality, character, and work ethic.




    • Project Manager of multi-million dollar real estate development and Operating Director of full-service executive suites facility that saw annual sales of over $650,000.
    • Oversaw and analyzed budget and profit loss statements.
    • Assertively developed new business opportunities through advertising, public relations, sales and product pitches, as well as implemented business strategies to ensure the longevity and health of the operation.
    • Hired, trained, and developed staff while prioritizing employee engagement to ensure a company culture where identity, goals, and service expectations were valued.




    • Managed $1.8MM sales territory for one of the largest golf manufacturers in the world through detailed, extensive knowledge of products and exceptional client interpersonal service.
    • Generated external sales to key businesses and stakeholders through lead development and meticulous follow-up.
    • Built professional relationships for repeat business resulting in client loyalty and revenue generation that exceeded objectives.




    • Responsible for sales growth from $400,000 at time of appointment to in-excess of $1,500,000 in two years.  Exceeded all measurable objectives.
    • Delivered exceptional service in a business-to-business environment while delivering on administrative duties and sales lead reporting.
  • Education

    Lewis University

    M.A. (1994)

    Romeoville, IL

    University of Iowa

    B.A. (1992)

    Iowa City, IA

  • Biography

    About Me

    I pursue passions not paychecks.

    Kevin Downey, born and raised in Orland Park, IL, is a Kansas City area sales leader and entrepreneur with a history of success in business development, program design, and team building. He grew up in an enterprising family, with immigrant grandparents who ventured into the restaurant business in the 1950’s.They sold their restaurant in the 1970’s and built a ceramic tile retail and distribution business, where Kevin spent a lot of his time growing up. This business evolved into one of the largest importers of European ceramic tile in the United States.


    Kevin completed his Master’s Degree with Honors from Lewis University in Romeoville, IL. Prior to that he attended the University of Iowa where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree and met his wife, Melissa in the late 80’s. They are both still devoted Hawkeye fans.


    Kevin’s early successes were in the golf industry. He was a golf professional right out of college, and then drifted towards the sales branch of the sport – a move that would shape the rest of his booming career. In 1997, he started out as an Outside Sales Executive at Slazenger Golf Company in Greenville, South Carolina where he more than tripled sales in his territory within two years. Kevin later worked in a similar role for Callaway Golf Company in Carlsbad, California where he continued to see exceptional results and established his mastery of the sales profession. After a short time, Kevin relocated with Callaway to the Kansas City area in 2000.


    In 2003, Kevin took his experience to the next level and opened Leawood Office Business Center, a series of executive office suites. He served as the project manager of the multi-million dollar real estate development and then utilized his sales background to develop the business through advertising, public relations, and product pitches. He also built an engaged, well-trained staff and implemented business strategies to ensure the long term health of the operation.


    After a little over 10 years as an entrepreneur, Kevin took another leap forward and founded Kevin Downey Recruiting Systems in Overland Park, KS. As director, Kevin created a formula for optimizing the recruitment process using his solid business analysis abilities. His keen eye for high-quality, qualified candidates combined with his advertising background built a business that produced boundless talent for his clients.


    In 2018, Kevin joined the Apple Spice team as a consulting VP of Sales where he became a pivotal part of developing their franchise locations. With the keen business savvy earned throughout his career, Kevin quickly perceived areas for development. This resulted in the creation of his turnkey sales solution that revolutionized operations. He built and trained a nationwide sales team from the ground up, as well as devised all tools to ensure their success. Apple Spice continues to lead the catered box lunch industry, now better than ever thanks to Kevin.


    When he’s not building businesses and closing sales, Kevin enjoys free time with his wife and two sons, competitive running, golf, and traveling to as many exciting places as possible.

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