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    Simple Hiring Solutions by Kevin Downey & Associates


    KDA is here to make hiring stress-free for good!

    Job boards. Search engines. Keywords. Algorithms.


    See a pattern?


    Maximizing online job boards and recruiting the best-of-the-best for your company is a little bit art, and a little bit science. Yes you need a KILLER ad, but you also need the right keywords so the right job-seekers can find it. We like to call it ‘The Art & Science of Job Board DOMINATION'.


    Our formula is simple…


    Laser-Targeted Keywords + Sensational Ad Copy = Dynamite Applicants


    And DYNAMITE applicants, means you get TOP-TIER candidates, which means you make a SUPERSTAR Hire… Every. Single. Time.


    Any job, anywhere - we’ll write you a winning job ad that will attract a stellar group of top-tier candidates who are ready to be hired!


    PS. Need us to run your job ad for you? We can do that too!


    Our custom Hiring Solutions Kits tell you what you should advertise, and which online job board is the best fit to attract the best candidates. We can also run your ad for you (optional). Your custom Hiring Solutions Kit will include:

    • Custom Job Description
    • Job Board & Budget Recommendations
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Custom Job Ad
    • Post Job Ad to Indeed (Optional)*

    Delivery Time: Less than a Week


    Delivery Format: Password-Protected Microsite, and PDF Hard-Copy


    Client Sample: http://kda5120.strikingly.com


    Price: Contact Us for Rates

    *NOTE: We are glad to run your ad for you on Indeed.com - ad campaign budget is in addition to Hiring Solutions Kit fees.


    Here’s what you can expect when you’re a KDA client:

    1. Stress-Free Hiring
    2. Recruiting that Runs on Auto-Pilot
    3. Superstar Applicants
    4. Profitable, Long-Term Employees
    5. Reduced Turnover
    6. Increased Top-Line Performance
    7. Improved Bottom-Line Efficiency


    Can KDA help us fill any job position, anywhere in the nation?



    Can you post and manage our job ad for us?

    Yes. We are happy to run your ad on Indeed.com. (NOTE: Ad campaign budget is in addition to Hiring Solutions Kit fees.)


    What if we already have an online job board that we prefer?

    Excellent! You can post your job ad anywhere you like.


    Can we use the job ad an unlimited number of times?

    Yes. Once you pay for the ad, the copy is yours to use as many times as you like.


    What happens once applicants start coming in?

    Review resumes, conduct interviews, and hire your next superstar employee.


    Each Hiring Solutions Kit includes a dedicated microsite with the following materials and information created just for your team:


    1. Job Description - The purpose of a JOB DESCRIPTION is to further inform a potential candidate of the duties and responsibilities of the position. It is sent to an applicant after he or she has inquired about the job. A good job description is clear, concise, and specific in the right places. It provides detail without being overwhelming or redundant. In your Hiring Solutions Kit We’ve outlined the specific skills and attributes of your next great hire.


    2. Job Board Strategy - There are a multitude of job boards out there. After careful comparison, we’ve created your complete JOB BOARD STRATEGY and have found which ones result in more clicks, higher apply rates, and better hires. All this while staying within a reasonable budget and timeline. With our expertise, we’ve done a deep dive into a campaign strategy that works for you, including recommended cost, duration, and placement.


    3. Keyword Analysis - What’s the use of having a custom-crafted job ad and description if no one can find it? That is where KEYWORD ANALYSIS comes in. It is crucial that the right words are used in your ad. That’s why we’ve carefully selected only the best, most focused keywords for your ad. These are woven purposefully throughout the title and body copy to ensure the right people see it.


    4. The Perfect Job Ad - Here we have the meat of your Hiring Solutions Kit: THE PERFECT JOB AD. What makes it perfect? For starters, it displays cleanly and attractively across mobile, desktop, and tablet. Secondly, it is tailor written and formatted specific to the hiring needs of your company. It utilizes a “What’s in it for Me” approach designed to entice top talent. The science behind this is simple: Better Job Ads = Better Hires. And that is what we deliver: The BEST job ad to give you the BEST hire.


    5. Bonus Features - After years in the “traditional” recruiting industry, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade that we want to share with you. It’s helped us develop the Hiring Solutions Kit and revolutionize the way companies hire. These BONUS FEATURES can be used in combination with everything provided here, and if you have any questions, we’re always an email or phone call away.


    From stress to success - ready to find the best talent right now?


    Let’s chat about your business and how Kevin Downey & Associates can help you hire with confidence.


    Give us a call at (913) 449-3860 - or use the contact form (below) to email us.


    “Kevin Downey has a magic way of using Indeed to get candidates better than I can do it, and I’m a pro!” – Dan Jourdan, The Sales Energizer

    “Exceptional candidates, literally overnight... Amazing!” - JC Costa, Owner, New Pace Productions


    Call our offices at (913) 449-3860 - or use the email form below (for the "Phone" field, use format 111-222-3333 or 1112223333).

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    Our Mission at KDA is two-fold:

    1. Help our clients hire better employees, faster - through better job ads.
    2. Set a new standard for job advertising - both in quality and in form/structure.

    Kevin Downey

    Founder & Director of Operations

    Kevin is not just our esteemed founder, he’s also a hands-on leader in our daily operations. With over 25 years of sales, recruiting, and entrepreneurial experience, Kevin is an inspiration to the team, leading with a mix of contagious energy and innovation.


    When he’s not pioneering success at our offices, he enjoys time with his wife and two sons. Golf and running keep him active and balanced, as well as traveling to as many exciting places as possible.


    Kevin's background and resume are viewable HERE.

    Kristen Lem

    Senior Staff Writer

    Kristen Lem is a writer and web designer living in Los Angeles and New York. She specializes in creating clever and quirky content for brands, publications, and people. A regular contributor to Modern Chic Mag and Industry Rules, she is known for fresh ideas, compelling features, and all around exceptional work. Her topic expertise is broad, ranging from love & relationships to real estate & resumes, most recently finding a niche in writing job ads and company culture pieces. She has been featured several times over on Bustle, Thought Catalog, and Project Girl Crush for her poetry and personal essays. You can find her performing spoken word on Dictionary.com or at Da Poetry Lounge in Los Angeles.

    Emily Eltomi

    Business Development

    Emily is our very own superstar sales rep - working with companies nationwide to bring them on-board as clients.


    Born and raised in Kansas City, Emily graduated with a bachelors degree in journalism and strategic communication from the University of Kansas. She enjoys spending time with family and friends on the lake - as well as her part-time work in country radio.


    Kevin Downey & Associates is pleased to donate 1% of all revenue to KC Woof Pack, a local Animal Shelter. We strongly believe in their mission of “a loving home for every animal” and doing our part to give back. Thank you so much for choosing to work with us and our role in the community!