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    Advanced Lead Generation for Website Design Firms

  • Need web design leads?


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    Kevin Downey & Associates is the premiere specialist lead generation firm dedicated exclusively to web designers & digital marketing firms.


    Utilizing advanced research, combined with a multi-touch communication approach, AND our superstar reps - we find the web design projects you're looking for.


    Take a look around a bit - and then let's talk shop so we can get you started!


    You are assigned a dedicated KDA sales rep for a week.


    Your rep works exclusively for you one full week out of the month (no long-term contracts of course!)


    During that week, they will work tirelessly - using salesgenie, a telephone, and their STELLAR personality - to identify companies that need a new website.



    Build Customized List

    We put together a laser-accurate list of targets customized just for you, and your KDA rep makes contact with each and every one - uncovering PROFITABLE web design projects for your firm.


    Hot Leads are Delivered HOT!

    When your KDA rep makes contact with a Decision-Maker (DM) that says 'yes' - their information is delivered by RUSH EMAIL to your inbox, so you can jump right in!


    And You'll Get a Slew of Warm Leads Too...

    During the course of the week, your KDA rep will identify a boatload of opportunities where the DM just couldn't be reached... But you don't want these opportunities to go to waste!


    Your KDA rep will document each opportunity - along with the DM's name, email and phone number - for you to reach out to when the time is right!


    Questions, Meet Answers

    How is the list generated that our KDA rep will use? Can you target by location, type of business, annual revenue, etc?

    Absolutely! Your KDA account manager will work with you to put a custom list together - a list of businesses that are similar to your BEST clients.

    What is the difference between a "warm" and "hot" lead?

    A lead is where your KDA rep has identified a need for a new website (or website redesign), and uncovered who the Decision Maker is within the company. All leads include pertinent contact information for the Decision Maker, such as direct phone number (or mobile) and email address.


    A hot lead is when your rep has spoken with the Decision Maker, and they have said 'yes' to wanting to speak with someone about a new website.


    A warm lead is one where your rep has been unable to speak with the DM directly.

    Are leads delivered in real-time?

    Hot leads are delivered by email the moment your rep gets off the phone with the Decision Maker; Warm leads are delivered at the end of the week.

    What format do the leads come in?

    Leads are sent as Microsoft Word files. Hot leads are delivered individually, while your warm leads are put together in a single, easy-to-read document.

    How many leads should we expect?

    This depends entirely on your target client, but if you contact us we can give you a rough estimate after we gather a little information about your ideal client type.

    How do we get pricing and details? Can we see a sample lead?

    Great questions... We'd love to get you everything you need! Give us a call at (913) 449-3860 or use our Contact Form. One of our knowledgeable team members will get in touch shortly.

    Is there any additional cost for creating the call list?

    Nope. Our program is all-inclusive - just a flat-fee for our one-week program.

    Can we set it up to where our KDA rep works for us one week each month?

    That's the idea!

    Will you give us exclusivity in our metro area?

    Yes - once you are an established client, you can discuss with your KDA account rep.

    We are ready to go! How do we get started?

    Excellent! Use the contact form (below), or give us a call at (913) 449-3860. Once we receive your inquiry, a Kickin' Ads account rep will contact you.


    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

    10200 State Line Rd.
    Leawood, KS
    (913) 449-3860

    Here's InfoUSA's SIC Code list... more resources coming soon!


    Kevin Downey

    Founder & Account Manager

    Not just our founder, Kevin is in charge of directing Team KDA day-to-day - from managing salesgenie to overseeing the operations of Kevin Downey & Associates.


    Self-described as "the most boring middle-aged man in America," Kevin's resume is viewable HERE.


    Kevin spends his free time enjoying his wife and two sons, coaching ice hockey, fitness, and traveling to as many exciting places as possible.

    Emily Eltomi

    Senior Rep Manager

    Emily was not only our very first rep, but also the best we've ever had - so we put her in charge of recruiting, hiring and training new reps here at KDA.

    Anthony Mantia

    Director of Business Development

    Anthony is our superstar sales rep - working with digital marketing firms nationwide to bring them on-board as KDA clients.